Healing with Astrology Series: Root Chakra

The foundation of our lives lies within the root chakra, or energy center, the resides at the base of the spine. This is related to our material world — friends, family, money, home, food, and the feelings of being safe and secure.

Each of the chakras are connected to a planet. Saturn governs the root chakra. The planet is commonly known as a farmer, but is also a sage and task master. He represents maturity, patience, long-term planning, and commitment.

Delays, obstacles, and challenges present themselves when working against Saturnian energy. Additionally, Saturn may show up as endings, collapse, or breaking apart.

Western Astrology
Saturn spends two and a half years in one sign, but takes thirty years to move through all twelve zodiac signs. Between ages 28 and 30.5 is the Saturn Return, commonly known in Western tropical astrology. During this time, Saturn is asking individuals, “what have you learned about yourself, what would you do differently, and are you mature enough for another opportunity?”

A Saturn Return in western astrology happens during the following ages:

  • 28 – 30.5
  • 58 – 60.5
  • 88 – 90.5

Individuals commonly report challenges with money, career, home, and social circles during their Saturn Return.

Vedic Sidereal Astrology 
In Vedic astrology, Saturn asks the same questions as in Western astrology. The difference is that he does it during the seven and a half year-long transit called Sadi Sati. This is where he transits the houses before, in, and after the moon sign.

The moon represents our mind — emotions, mental wellbeing, and intuition. Saturn is urging mental maturity and long-term planning during his Sadi Sati. His energy varies depending on sign, house, and transiting planets. But he is strong in his own signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. In short, Sadi Sati can often resemble the Dark Night of the Soul.

Healing With The Stars
Saturn has a feminine and masculine side. In other belief systems this may be referred to as yin and yang; dark and light; or inner and outer. Capricorn is the female side of Saturn that is like the sage: patient and wise. Aquarius, the male side, is highly innovative, intuitive, and considers others. Below are additional characteristics.

Capricorn – feminine sideAquarius- masculine side
Balancedpatient, ambitious, hardworking, structured, routinecommunity/ society oriented, eccentric, intuitive, innovative, philosophical 
Imbalancedimpatient, lazy, aimless, unstructured, no routineself-centered, dull/ boring, out of touch, illogical 

An alternative way of healing the root chakra can be accomplished by becoming aware of any of the aforementioned imbalances and taking action with the suggestions below.

Capricorn Remedies

Aquarius Remedies 

  • Study philosophy, astrology, and astronomy
  • Acknowledge your intuition and develop it
  • Embrace unique aspects of your life
  • Do volunteer work in the local or digital community
  • Expand business into the global marketplace 

The key with Saturn is to do the remedies continuously on a daily basis for life, not periodically. The action steps create a stronger foundation to build upon. As a task master, Saturn notices and rewards hard work.


Read traditional root chakra healing methods here.

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