Healing with Astrology Series: Sacral Chakra

After laying a solid foundation with the root chakra, creating a steady flow of energy over it is necessary. The sacral chakra is located at the spine at the lumbar region. This watery energy is our feelings, creativity, and sense of adventure.

Jupiter is a teacher of higher learning connected to spiritual teachings and university-level thinking. Wherever Jupiter goes it wants to expand upon what is being learned and taught. It wants us to get out of our comfort zone. Further, the planet guides us to think about our beliefs about knowledge, spirituality, and other aspects of life. Below are the planet’s additional attributes.

Pisces – feminine side Sagittarius – masculine side
Balancedempathetic, goes with the flow, has faith in beliefs, imaginativeadventurous, spiritual, joyous, honest, 
Imbalancedhyper-sensitive, emotionally stagnant, having blind faith, escapist behaviorcynical, lazy, dogmatic, closed-minded, aimless

Reflect on where you have imbalances and choose the best remedy below.

Pisces Remedies

  • Yoga and meditation 
  • Go for walks or jog
  • Listen to feelings and physical sensations
  • Let go of controlling outcomes
  • Creative self-expression

Sagittarius Remedies

  • Laughter
  • Dance
  • Learn about different religions, philosophies, and spiritual principles 
  • Study different cultures
  • Engage in higher education 
  • Teach your expertise

Jupiter is connected to our pleasure center. Enjoying life and learning about new ways to do so improves the sacral. Balancing with intellectual pursuits provides stimulation for the mind and spirit.


Read traditional sacral chakra healing methods here.

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  1. This is interesting! I definitely show these Sagittarius traits (both balanced and unbalanced at times). Thanks for sharing.


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