Healing with Astrology Series: Solar Plexus Chakra

Our inner fire, or solar plexus, shows up as confidence and determination. It warms the sacral’s steady flow over the foundation (root). The solar plexus is also the energy center of discernment, or gut instinct.

Mars governs the solar plexus. The planet represents the military general, Olympic champion, and winner of whatever is wants. It is focused on a goal and achieves it. When imbalanced, Mars can be a bully, uninspired, or never achieves its goals. Below are additional aspects of Martian energy.

Scorpio – feminine side Aries – masculine side
Balanced sensual, passionate, wise, honest, observant, subdued, intuitivemotivated, assertive, athletic, confident, goal-oriented, competitive 
Unbalancedover-sexed, lying, secretive, passive-aggressive, overly sensitive unmotivated, aggressive, aimless, angry, under achiever, overly competitive, low self-esteem 

Healing can take place in a variety of ways. Reflect on your personal imbalances then experiment with the remedies below.

Scorpio Remedies 

  • Consensual sexual activities 
  • Being vulnerable
  • Being honest
  • Work through psychological issues (shadow work)
  • Study metaphysics 

Aries Remedies 

  • Set personal goals to achieve 
  • Work out
  • Lead a group 
  • Enter contests
  • Embrace challenges

The solar plexus is also connected to digestion. Eating foods that nurture the natural gut bacteria will improve the ability to follow your gut. Scientists have reported that the gut is the second brain. In the end, gut instincts can guide us to make decisions that help us achieve our heart’s desires.


Read traditional solar plexus chakra healing methods here.

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