Healing with Astrology Series: Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the energy center of love, compassion, and empathy. In yoga, the soul is located inside the heart. Yoga, in general, connects mind, body, and soul. Placing the hands at or over the heart reconnects you to heart chakra energy, or the soul. 

An open flow of the heart allows energy of both lower and upper chakras to work together in harmony. The lower chakras — root, sacral, and solar plexus — establish our physical and emotional aspects of life. When all three are balanced, we no longer live in survival mode. The upper chakras include the throat, third eye, and crown. When they are in balance we no longer have our heads in the clouds.

Venus rules the heart chakra. The planet itself guides us to consider our values/ self-worth, wealth, and healthy partnerships for love and business. It is somewhat like the god Dionysius, who enjoyed a lavish party with food and wine. 

Balanced Venusian energy can imbibe but knows when to stop. Imbalances can appear as drunkenness, gorging on food, or over-spending. Below are additional Taurus and Libra characteristics.

Taurus – feminine side Libra – masculine side 
Balancesgenerous, resourceful, stable, grounded, supportiveprogressive attitude, activist, artistic, forward thinking
Imbalancesstingy, lacking personal values, stubborn, materialistic, cheapideas ‘inside the box,’ indecisive, gives away power, indecisive 

Healing can take place in a variety of ways. Reflect on your personal imbalances then experiment with the remedies below.

Taurus Remedies 

  • Paint, draw, or other handcraft
  • Write songs or poetry
  • Share resources with others
  • Do inventory of possessions and donate what is not needed

Libra Remedies 

  • Become involved in a group activity
  • Share ideas with like-minded people 
  • Support a social cause (activism)
  • Study the law/ legal system
  • Share poetry or songs/ open mic

The heart works like a mediator, bringing all the chakras together to work in harmony. Listening to your heart, as it improves the relationship with yourself and attracts the people that will nourish the soul.


Read traditional heart chakra healing methods here.

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