Graceful Courage of the Heart: Poetry & Music

Graceful Courage of the Heart is my dharma name. It was given to me during a weekend retreat at Blue Cliff Monastery. I ate, slept, and breathed Buddhist principles for years. Thich Naht Hanh’s teachings resonated with me and still do to this day because I can apply them in my everyday life.

Interestingly enough, my dharma name reflects the same messages I received about healing my heart and solar plexus chakras. I now understand my childhood obsession with rose quartz and tiger’s eye. And, Venus and Mars are prominent in my natal chart. Everything is connected.

Right Thoughts Into Words
The poetry chapbook is somewhat of a memoir. I was guided to express my thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about my spiritual awakening, which happened around 2008. I had learned that my sensitive nature was referred to as an empath. That in itself involved twists and turns; the more I learned the more I realized how sensitive I was.

Selfcare is vital for empaths. We are unguarded sponges without it. Once we strengthen our minds and bodies, we ’wring’ out what is not ours. Boundaries become a requirement when inviting food, friends, and family into our lives. We even need to put our career under a microscope.

It has taken a lot of selfcare to write from a healed place. I initially didn’t want to share my anger and fears because it wasn’t what I wanted to put into the universe. I still have trouble with it. Through all my toiling, I realized that I can share with a compassionate heart. The words can then welcome eyes and ears eager to know that they are not alone.

Right Concentration As Sound
Presenting my thoughts and emotions through music is a giant leap outside my comfort zone. I also want to see where this journey takes me. The EP also bears the same name because the compositions are musical memoirs. There’s fun to it than expected.

Awakening is a piano composition in progress

I am currently learning how to produce music, which wasn’t on my radar because I worked with a producer and was satisfied with the partnership. It was my intention to continue working in this manner. As I strengthen my piano skills, I also experiment with the technology in GarageBand and Logic Pro. 

Everything is leaping forward as I learn the creative, technical, and business sides of the music business. Music production is helping me define my sound and learn which parts of producing that I love and loath.

Did I see these changes coming? Yes, but not like this. Some things were hidden deep within me. Letting go of people, food, and beliefs that didn’t resonate with me was a tug of war. In the end, it helped gems rise to the surface. This is my way of healing ancestral and generational trauma. Regardless, I am grateful for the winding road of experiences that led me here.


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