Healing with Astrology Series: Throat Chakra

Learning, listening, and speaking are three fundamental aspects of the throat chakra. Because it is above the heart chakra, listening and speaking compassionately are signs of the two energy centers working in harmony.

Mercury rules the throat chakra. The planet is youthful, loves learning new things, and having new experiences. He is the life of the party sharing stories about trips, food, and the many books read. When imbalanced, he may appear reckless and withdrawn. Below are additional characteristics.

Virgo – feminine side Gemini – masculine side
Balancedanalytical, organized, self-aware, helpful, enjoys beauty communicative, flexible, intelligent, friendly/ fun, sees two sides of story
Imbalancedcontrolling, disorganized, unaware, disagreeablegossipy, rigid, ignorant, reclusive, lacking life experiences, nosy, uninterested

Healing with the Stars
Mercury retrograde often causes a stir because it is misunderstood. Communication, thinking, and road travel are connected to Mercury. The retrograde cycle guides us to reflect on what they say, listen to, learn, and experience. 

Mercury retrograde in the natal chart means someone may be more conscious of what they communicate. They could also be more relaxed because Mercury also rules the central nervous system.

Consider the following remedies if you sense an imbalance with Mercurial energy.

Virgo Remedies 

  • Practice healthier lifestyle habits 
  • Help other people improve their lives 
  • Master one or two skills
  • Surround yourself with beauty

Gemini Remedies

  • Laugh
  • Socialize
  • Journal
  • Learn something new
  • Take a road trip

The close connection between the throat and heart chakras also benefit from singing, doing arts and crafts, and playing an instrument. This is because arms and hands are an extension of the heart chakra while the lungs are connected to the throat. 

Mercury is our friend, not foe. Healing with him can even be entertaining. That is one reason to heal the throat chakra.


Read traditional throat chakra healing methods here.

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