Healing with Astrology Series: Third Eye Chakra

Our third eye is our spiritual eye. Located between the physical eyes, the third eye chakra helps us to see the big picture or little steps necessary to accomplish a goal. Dreams and visualizations are also connected to this energy center. 

The moon represents the mind, emotions, and how we receive intuitive guidance. Dreams are good indications of what needs to be healed on the subconscious level and what steps to take. 

On the other side, the sun signifies the soul, life, and vitality. It is also the action steps taken to accomplish the moon’s guidance. The sun and moon are always in communication with each other. When in harmony, we are aware of the messages, analyze them to understand what does and does not feel right, and follow through with action.

Moon – feminine side Sun – masculine side 
Balanced motherly, nurturing, intuitive, protective, social, emotionally healthy fatherly, supportive, authoritative, courageous, expressive
Imbalanced uncaring, anti-social, smothering, overly sensitive/ insensitive arrogant, controlling,self-centered, shabby, restrictive

Use the following remedies for third eye imbalances.

Moon Remedies 

  • Drink more water
  • Meditate
  • Develop intuition
  • Keep dream journal
  • Therapy
  • Nurture others
  • Daydream

Sun Remedies

  • Creatively express self/ ideas
  • Be a leader in group/ community
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Support children’s cause/ development 
  • Sun Salutation (yoga sequence)

Dismissing visual messages weakens the third eye. Being aware of the messages and taking action strengthens the energy center and divine guidance. 


Read traditional third eye chakra healing methods here.

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