Healing with Astrology Series: Crown Chakra

Energy from all the chakras — from the root to third eye — culminate in the crown. This is the energy center of spiritual knowing, or the connection to the Divine. In astrology, this is the ascendant. It can also be seen as the Higher Self from the New Age perspective.

A kundalini awakening is a spiritual process where the energy resting at the base of the pelvis (root) rises up through the spine and out the head (crown). Blocked chakras can hinder this energy. Guidance from spirit, or the Universe, may be muddy when the crown chakra is blocked. Below are additional characteristics of the crown chakra.

All chakras – feminine and masculine together
Balanced Thoughtful, intelligent, connected to spirit/ Universe, understands and discerns information and spiritual guidance, open to new information and experiences 
Imbalanced Headaches, lives in lower chakras (fear, anxiety, lack), head in the clouds/ not grounded, doesn’t connect head with heart, prefers book knowledge over intuition 

Yoga, meditation, and studying spiritual practices can heal the crown chakra. This helps release trauma, rebuilds the brain, and strengthens the body. Additionally, the connection to spirit/ Universe improves. 

Many people report feeling the kundalini energy rising then stopping at a particular location. Remedies for the chakra nearest that spot can clear the blockages. But one must be prepared to heal personal issues as well. This could bring up things from childhood or past lives. Consider a combination of therapy, yoga and meditation, and exercise if experiences are challenging.


Read traditional crown chakra healing methods here.

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