I’m Closing Doors & Opening Windows 

Poetry, fiction, and music are my true loves. I was once asked in a job interview about what I wanted as my dream job. The woman thought I was kidding when I said it was sit in a cafe, people watch, and write poetry. I was being serious. Somehow she still wanted to hire me.

I’ve been studying wholistic healing, yoga, and astrology for decades. They started out as interests then turned into a job, but they are now my spiritual practices. I’m turning the spiritual inward to keep myself grounded, balanced, and healthy as I pursue a life in the arts.

Ending The Old
I will no longer offer readings. (They will be slowly phased out.) The last blog post about astrology will be 6 April 2022. Although I sensed this shift years ago, it was scary when my spirit guides suggested to completely let go. I was wanting to balance both all the healing work and creative arts. The guidance was to simplify so to do more with less.

Welcoming The New
Luckily, I’ve been in various poetry and musician groups learning, sharing, networking, and collaborating. I’m connected to like-minded people. It’s funny that I made these connections during the global quarantine. I am grateful for this odd outcome.

Future blog posts will be peeks inside my creative process for upcoming books and music. I may include some posts about my travels as well. 

Thank you for supporting the blog. Continue to stay up to date about my creative journey. 


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