Reflecting On Gratitude for the Year 2021

Peacocks are beautiful birds. They are a regal blue, green, and purple with feathers that look like they have eyes. When they spread their tail it’s like they see you from every direction. Peacocks symbolize hard work, wisdom, abundance, and patience. 

I worked hard, practiced a lot of patience (most of the time), and gained wisdom from it all in 2021. Abundance showed up in various ways. Most of all, I cultivated gratitude for the small and large things. 

There were times when I wanted to quit, but keeping a list of accomplishments during each lunar cycle helped me through the difficulties.

Health Is Wealth

  • Certification in yoga teacher training
  • Renewed my commitment to Ayurveda 
  • Committed to living as a gluten-free and sugar-free vegan. No more migraines in my eyes from gluten. Eating sugar is like ingesting pollen. I sneeze and get the sniffles. Meat brings a lot of digestive issues.
  • Went on more walks
  • Let go of extraneous people 
  • Ate more local produce, which was also organic

Creatively Expressing My Heart And Mind

Feeding My Soul 

  • Studied Vedic astrology, numerology, and tarot
  • Twice daily sadhana of pranayama, asana, and meditation
  • Used affirmations, visualizations, and action steps to achieve my heart’s desires
  • Let go of fears about trance mediumship and healing 
  • Spent more time relaxing

I look forward to counting my blessings in 2022. Everything I accomplished this year is a tiny step in the bigger plan.


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