Building Community From The Inside Out

I am looking forward to 2022 because the year has a universal vibration of six. This is the energy of home and community. We as a collective will be guided to reflect on where we call home, who we invite into it, and who we connect to on a regular basis.

Six is also the number of my personal year. The number must be burned into my brain because I am always thinking about this. I am ready to buy a home and root myself in a community where I can connect with like-minded people.

Digital Community
We all have spent the last two years connecting with others online. Connecting with people from around the world reminded me of my childhood. I grew up on a military base that was as diverse as a metropolitan city.

Choosing online communities has been relatively easy. The poets and musicians that I have met kept me grounded. I like connecting with others from the comforts of home. But I am ready for developing better in-person connections.

Location, Location, Location!
It is more than tax brackets and school districts for me. I value the arts, green spaces, and leisure taken seriously. As a writer, musician, and doodler, I love having conversations with people that see these things as viable pursuits rather than hobbies or a waste of time. Plus, I want to live near a Buddhist monastery to attend retreats.

We are all connected. How we treat land, water, and animals affects our food, which then affects our minds and bodies. No one is perfect at this, but many have come close. I prefer being somewhere that treats food with high standards.

Do I want to live to work, or work to live? I have done the former a lot and it was exhausting. Being in a community (culture) that emphasizes burning the candle at both ends affects everyone involved. Balancing work and leisure brings more joy into the world.

Everything Is A Process
Where will I plant my seed to grow into a bounty? I have met with an immigrant attorney for one of the countries on my list. This is not a whim, as I have lived in and visited different countries. 

I have been preparing with some anxiety because this move meant disconnecting from people I thought were forever supportive. Now that I have sufficiently cut the cord I am ready to move forward. I invite you on this journey, although somewhat vague now, until I am home


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  1. I love this! You may or may not know that our home was completely destroyed last Thursday in a fire that wiped out 1000 homes. We are definitely doing all these things!


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