Being One With The Environment Inside and Out 

The environment is important to me. I loved playing outdoors as a child. Bugs, mud, sunlight, and fresh air were my best friends. Over time, I developed a strong connection to trees, and even hug them. A braided Money Tree currently sits next to my desk. This love of the environment permeates throughout my life. It affects my diet and how I shop.

Bringing Mother Nature Inside
I shifted to vegetarian around 2009 for health reasons. Cows are beautiful, but my digestion does not like dairy and beef. It’s the same with pork, chicken, and turkey, etc. Although eggs made me pause, I was able to stomach them with garlic, tarragon, and carrots. 

Veganism rushed in with my first reiki attunment in 2014. Healing was deep, profound, and it gave me the opportunity to decide if I wanted to continue with the new direction. I didn’t fight it because meat always made me nauseous.

Although the diet change was health related, it made me think about how this could impact the rest of my livelihood. Reading labels and researching labels has become an odd hobby. We are what we consume.

The changes in the environment has impacted us all. We need to make changes. It was evident when skies and seas cleared up during the global lockdown. I never tell someone they have to go vegan or vegetarian, but I do suggest they consider eating locally raised meat. People say there is a dramatic difference in taste (it’s sweeter). 

There is more than one way of embracing the environment and living sustainably. Looking within as a starting point affects our decisions. It will make a difference about what we leave for future generations.


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