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Pamela Olivia Brown is a healing doula. She provides guidance for personal and spiritual development.

Born gazing at the stars, Pamela’s curiosity led her to indulge in learning about astronomy and the relationship between it and astrology. Vedic astrology deepened her appreciation for the cosmos. In her studies, Pamela learned about the connection between Ayurveda and Vedic astrology, which she sees a
tool for healing.

Previously, Pamela studied mediumship, shamanic practices, and tarot, as well as other healing modalities. She integrates all of her studies and practices for her own healing. She offers Ayurvedic astrology in various forms to help clients balance mind and body.

Pamela published Songs Of My Soul (2019); Perceptions: A Short Story (2017); Psychic Development for Everyday Living (2017); and Love Letter To Ani: A Haiku Chapbook (2015). She has been featured in Transformations (2020); Gateway to an Enlightened World: Collective Life Lessons on Personal Transformation – Vol. 2 (2019); In Spite of the Double Drawbacks: African American Women in History and Culture (2012); and other print and digital publications. Pamela is currently writing songs and nonfiction.

This native Texan balances her work with daily yoga and meditation; art in many forms, especially music; and spending time outdoors. Pamela also enjoys gluten-free vegan cooking and global travel. She currently lives in the US.


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