Brown Olivia Pamela 2

Pamela Olivia Brown is an empath with a unique connection to the natural and spirit worlds. She focuses her energy working with Spirit and abilities into helping people balance mind, body & spirit.

Working With Spirit
Pamela’s personal and spiritual development includes connecting with the angelic realms, spirit guides and departed friends and family, plus spirit-guided creative self-expression. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with clients so they can have joy in their own lives.

Certifications include Angelic Life Coaching (Charles Virtue), Professional Intuitive (Slade Roberson), and Usui Rhyoho Shiki Reiki Master Teacher. Always a student, additional studies expanded into cosmic earth work (Kelarius Fenix), herbalism (Herbal Academy), shamanic practices (Sarah Petruno), ayurveda, Yoruba medicine, and tarot, numerology. She is currently working towards certification in Vedic astrology (Kapiel Raaj) and deepening her spirit and healing mediumship abilities with the  Spiritualist National Union. Pamela is also an ordained minister with Universal Life Church.

Writing New Stories
In the past, as a freelance and academic writer, Pamela has been published in a variety of print and digital platforms. Today, much of Pamela’s work are channeled messages in the form of poetry, prose, and songs.

Pamela published Songs Of My Soul (2019); Psychic Development for Everyday Living: A Beginner’s Guide (2017); Perceptions: A Short Story (2017); and Love Letters to Ani: a haiku chapbook (2015). She is currently writing  Listen To The Moon & Stars, a memoir-style poetry chapbook due in 2020.

Living A Balanced Life
This native Texan stays calm with Raja yoga and finds bliss listening to music, singing and dancing, and hanging out in nature. Pamela enjoys sewing and is also learning to play piano with the intention of sharing songs that inspire joy and inner peace.