Brown Olivia Pamela 2

Hello! I’m Olivia, a yoga & meditation teacher. My intention is to hold space for those seeking healing and inner peace. 

Seeds Planted Early
I was first introduced to yoga by Lilias, Yoga & You on PBS around age 8. It was love at first try. I even turned it into a personal game seeing how long I could hold the poses. As an adult, I was guided to do self-study of yoga philosophy, Buddhism, and other religious beliefs, specifically Spiritualism.

The integration of my studies informs my daily hatha yoga practice, which keeps me balanced physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It strengthens my central nervous system, keeps me aware of energy fluctuations in and around me, and prevents me from walking on the outside of my heels (supination gait). Beforehand, I was an unhealthy empath eating everyone’s emotions, including my own, and wearing down the heels of my shoes in less than three months.

Yoga & Meditation Path
I was preparing for yoga teacher training before the global lockdown. My expectations wavered during the restrictions, but I was guided to take an online training. Bare Yogis is giving me the opportunity to deepen my practice in solitude, which is impacting me in an extraordinary way. Their modern approach is allowing me to specialize in trauma-informed yoga, which is similar to cognitive behavioral therapy. Yoga and meditation then becomes the practice to help solve unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.

I used to consume the news a lot. My sleep was poor, I had bad dreams, and woke up in a bad mood. The Universe insisted that I relax and guided me towards Yoga Nidra and Vipassana meditation. I happily dumped all media outlets for my happiness. In 2016, after five years of meditation, I started teaching it to my reiki students. Now, I enjoy sharing it with those open to something different. I added creative self-expression to my meditation classes as a way to ground energy and understand messages from the heart.

Life Comes Full Circle
As a former energy healer, I bring my knowledge and experience of holistic healing to my yoga and meditation classes. Anxiety, fear, and addiction are symptoms, not the root cause of suffering. I have integrated some of my healing tools — Vedic astrology, spirit mediumship, and chakra work — to help others heal. Additionally, I maintain my practice of life coaching and integrated it with yoga to help clients achieve short-term goals.

Writing and music are my first loves. I am currently working on a musical memoir (April 2021). When I’m not sharing the benefits of raja yoga, I can be found doing nothing, drawing, knitting, or improving my French.