Psychic Development for Everyday Living
Everyone is psychic. We all see, hear, know or feel information that seems difficult to explain. Acknowledging our abilities is the first step to strengthening them. Psychic Development for Everyday Living introduces simple and fun ways to become more psychic.

Poetry & Short Stories
Graceful Courage of the Heart
This chapbook contains poetry and personal essays that moves through the lows, highs, and everything between of a soul leaving its past behind. Themes of love, hope, and healing are inspired by personal experiences related to doing the opposite of what is expected. (Available Spring 2022)

Khalinda has an aversion to her mother’s skin color politics. A deceased relative attempts to heal generations of suffering during her visits. In the process, she teaches Khalinda to have compassion for her family. LGBTQIA+ themes.

Songs of My Soul

A poetry chapbook about life experiences related to loss, healing, and ordinary observances.

Love Letters to Ani

Haiku and photography capture the beauty and oddities of upstate New York’s changing seasons. The digital-only chapbook is a commitment to the preservation of Ani, which means Mother Earth in Igbo.



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