Selfcare Coaching
We manifest our heart’s desires when the mind, body, and soul are in alignment. This comes from daily self-care, which may shift as we grow and change.

Selfcare Coaching uses Vedic sidereal astrology, numerology, and a connection with Spirit to guide you towards your heart’s desires. The sidereal natal chart is a blueprint for understanding how to feed the soul, balance the mind, and be in alignment with the body.

Coaching is in two parts:

  • Natal chart reading with self-care suggestions, emailed as pdf;
  • 30-minute Q&A session via Zoom to discuss reading and self-care
  • Three (3) follow-up emails regarding progress

Schedule Selfcare Coaching here $145


Selfcare Coaching does not replace professional medical, legal, or business advice on any occasion. Please seek professional medical, mental, emotional, legal, financial, or business consultation when and where necessary. Use Resources page if you do not have a provider.