1. Do you offer Spiritual Life Coaching without the Soul Path Reading? No, in my experience clients have tried to manifest their desires against their soul’s intentions and guidance. The Soul Path Readings is one way of understanding your soul’s goals.
  2. I want a tarot card reading, will you share what my spouse, friend, child, and lover are up to? No, readings are for your personal and spiritual development. Questions must be about improving your own life. You can buy a gift card for the other person, and when they are open to receiving a reading, they will receive guidance about their development. You two can discuss your readings together afterwards.
  3. Why can’t I discuss the messages shared during the tarot reading as they are given? This is a Spiritualist-style reading where the Spirit wants to prove that it is real, so it shares information only you would know. When you interject with information you are removing the opportunity from Spirit to prove that it is a living and infinite source. It is how the soul provides evidence that it survived after leaving the body.
  4. Why do you ask for my date of birth for the tarot reading? Astrology and tarot are closely linked. Your decision to seek a tarot reading is related to the planetary transits, plus your natal chart provides deeper insight to your questions about love, money, and career. Together, tarot and astrology can provide clearer guidance on your path.
  5. Do you do Soul Path Readings for children? Yes, a parent or guardian can buy a reading for the child in their care. 
  6. Who do you connect to during readings? I work with The Divine (God/Goddess/Source/The One), through my Buddhist practice, plus the angelic realms, ascended masters, and spirit guides. I work with Archangels Michael and Gabriel for messages from departed friends and family, who may also be earthbound spirits. In the case of the latter, the angels relay messages from the departed, offer them healing, and guidance to cross over completely. 
  7. Who is healing me when I request it? I call on the angelic realms to offer energy healing. 
  8. I tried your guided meditations and they didn’t work, why? Guided meditations are a simpler version of silent meditation. Use the guided meditations as a primer on a daily basis until you cultivate your own daily practice to connect with your a Higher Self and spirit guides.
  9. I want to self publish as a goal, will you help with that? Resources will be provided so you can take your manuscript from draft to publication. Depending on guidance from the angels, additional support like beta reading may be offered.
  10. Will you read my birth chart made by a different person? No, I do Vedic sidereal astrology. Tropical calculations are different by at least 23 degrees, so the wisdom will not be in alignment with the reading. Other sidereal astrologers will have either similar or the exact calculations, so their reading may not vary from mine. Trust in their guidance.
  11. How often can I get a reading from you? Depending on the guidance in the tarot reading, I suggest once every three months. This gives you time to digest the messages and put guidance into action, which could garner results immediately to several weeks. Be patient with the process. In the case of the Soul Path Reading, once a year. The outer planets and nodes move the slowest (Jupiter, once a year; Saturn every two and a half years and Rahu & Ketu every 18 months) and your soul will need that time to guide you through changes.
  12. Why do you use Vedic astrology, numerology, and tarot? They are related. The Universe speaks to us in signs and symbols, tarot cards correspond to astrological signs and planets; numerology is commonly used in Vedic astrology and can reveal a relationship between life path and the houses; and Horary astrology and tarot can reveal deeper guidance for the client.
  13. Do you use Oracle cards? Not at the moment, but they may be included as deeper guidance.
  14. Do you offer in-person readings? Rarely, as my clients live in various locations. I am considering local tarot readings.
  15. How do I get a refund on a reading? Readings and coaching are service-based, no refunds are offered after services are rendered.