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Tiny Bio
Pamela O. Brown is a pianist, composer, and music producer.

Short Bio
Pamela O. Brown is a pianist, composer, and producer. As a former wholistic healer, she creates soundscapes for dancing and meditation.

Medium Bio
What started out as a hobby became a love affair with music. Pamela O. Brown is a former spirit and healing medium. She is inspired by her spiritual practices as well as everything between classical music to experimental sounds. As a pianist, composer, and producer, Pamela intends to use her soundscapes to relax, heal, and vitalize the spirit.

Long Bio 
Pamela is a pianist, composer, and music producer. What started out as a hobby quickly became a way of telling stories and sharing her love of music with the world. 

Music was present in Pamela’s life as a child. Her parents played Prince, funk, country, and many artists on Motown’s roster. On her own, she discovered classical, heavy metal, and dance music. She got a taste of being a musician playing flute in middle and high school before moving on to saxophone as a sophomore then dropped music altogether before leaving for college.

Going to concerts, listening to music at home, and dancing with wild abandon were Pamela’s safe spaces. While studying metaphysics, the pull towards music became unavoidable. Pamela dreamed of music, heard it upon waking in her mind, and received guidance about music during meditation.

Learning about women pianist-composers buried under the male canon inspired Pamela to become more serious about piano. She bought an 88-key piano keyboard and embarked on a new path.

When she isn’t being musical, Pamela writes poetry, spends time outdoors, and maintains her blog about wholistic healing.


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