Tarot Card Reading (Email only)
The Archangels of the Four Corners — Uriel (North), Raphael (East), Michael (South), and Gabriel (West) — plus, ascended masters Quan Yin and Jesus will share messages of unconditional love through this tarot reading. This reading is donation-based. You will be given instruction to receive your reading after donation is made.

Archangel Mediumship Reading (Email or Skype)
The archangels and 9 angelic realms provide messages through this reading. Ask one question, or be open to the messages they, along with spirit guides and departed loved ones, have been eager to share. (Optional: Tarot with reading.) Reading sent as pdf. Skype reading is 30 minutes.

Archangel Mediumship (Email)  PayPal or Square $45 USD
Archangel Mediumship  (Skype) PayPal or Square $89 USD

Soul Path Reading (Email or Skype)
Your sidereal natal chart will reveal the reason you incarnated. Learn about your soul’s purpose, desires, strengths and challenges. The archangels and angelic realms will provide messages to help heal energy blockages so you can live your best life. Email reading sent in pdf format; Skype 30-minute spiritual life coaching session includes reading in pdf.

Purchase Email Reading via PayPal or Square – $95 USD
Purchase Skype Reading via PayPal or Square – $199 USD