Spirit Mediumship (Video)
Receive psychic and/or messages from departed friends, family, ancestors, pets, or guides, plus a Q&A afterwards in this 30-minute video reading. Free, donations welcomed. Please read FAQ first, then sign up here.


Soul’s Journey Reading (Email or Video) 
Astrology is one way of understanding your life because the natal chart is the story about your soul’s karma. This reading uses sidereal Vedic astrology and numerology. Discover your soul’s desires regarding life purpose, money/career, relationships, and wellbeing. Birth time required. Email reading sent as pdf. Video includes pdf and 30-minute. Please read FAQ. Purchase Email ($95) via PayPal or Square. Purchase Video ($145) via PayPal or Square.


Soul Coaching (Video & Email)
Leverage strengths and work through challenges as you work towards a specific short-term (90 days) personal or spiritual goal. An overall assessment may include, but is not limited to, messages from spirit and/or sidereal natal chart review. Yoga, meditation, and creative self-expression may be some of the suggestions to work through challenges. Soul Coaching consists of the following:

  • Goal assessment
  • Six (6) biweekly 30-minute video sessions
  • Follow-up emails

Soul Coaching (90-Day) — $444. Please read FAQ before signing up for the free 15-minute consultation.