Life Journey Astro Tarot (Email)
Your Vedic sidereal natal chart is a map to your life journey. Discover what your heart desires related to money, career, relationships, and inner peace. This is an email reading sent via pdf format. Please read FAQ before purchasing.

Purchase Life Purpose Astro Tarot via PayPal $40


Love & Money Reading (Email or Skype)
This is a synastry reading to learn about who is the ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’ in romantic or business relationships. Although both qualities are present in each person, one is predominate. A complete natal chart (birthplace and birth time required) for you and the second person will be included. LGBTQIA+ welcomed. Email report sent as pdf; 30-minute Skype includes report. ***Coming Soon***


Soul Path Reading (Email or Skype)
This is a sidereal natal chart reading using Vedic astrology + numerology, which looks at your life from the ascendant and moon to understand who you are at the soul level; strengths and challenges; past lives (things that may need healing) and karma in this one; as well as money, career, and romance. Email reading sent as pdf. Skype is a 30-minute coaching session + pdf. Please read FAQ before purchasing.

Soul Path Reading (Email) via PayPal or Square $95
Soul Path Reading (Skype) via PayPal or Square $199

Gift cards available for readings.

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