Angelic Tarot Card Reading (Email or Skype)
Buddha, Tara, the Archangels of the Four Corners — Uriel (North), Raphael (East), Michael (South), and Gabriel (West) — and departed friends and family will share messages of unconditional love through this tarot reading. Reading sent as pdf. Skype-only reading is 30 minutes.

Archangel Tarot Reading (Email) Donation via Square
Archangel Tarot Reading (Email)  PayPal or Square $45 
Archangel Tarot Reading  (Skype) PayPal or Square $89 

Soul Path Reading (Email or Skype)
This is a Vedic astrology + Numerology reading, plus spiritual life coaching, which looks at your sidereal natal chart (from the ascendant and moon) to understand who you are at the soul level; strengths and challenges; and money, career, and relationships. Guidance from the angelic realms and spirit guides provide individual ways to heal mind, body and spirit. Email reading sent in pdf format; 30-minute Skype session includes reading in pdf.

Purchase Email Reading via PayPal or Square – $95
Purchase Skype Reading via PayPal or Square – $199

Gift cards available for readings. Please read FAQ if you questions or concerns about readings.