Writing My Life, Exposing My Soul

Listen To The Moon & Stars: A Memoir In Poetry And Prose is a chapbook about me experiencing and surviving my Dark Night of the Soul. It is what many, if not most, of us go through during our spiritual awakening. Our Soul and spirit guides help us purge old beliefs, ideas, and people that… Continue reading Writing My Life, Exposing My Soul

Spiritual Development

Author Chat About Spiritual Abilities

What is the book about? I stand with scores of people who believe that we are spirits having a human experience. Because of this, we are naturally psychic. Psychic Development for Everyday Living is a booklet that helps people understand all they see, hear, know, or feel is normal. What inspired you to write it?… Continue reading Author Chat About Spiritual Abilities


Chant Green Tara To End Suffering

Tara is the female embodiment of the bodhisattva -- person practicing the Buddhist Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path, the foundation of Buddhism. She is called the Mother of All Buddhas, and has 21 different manifestations, each with its own color and mantra. Green Tara is the manifestation that heals the heart and ends suffering.… Continue reading Chant Green Tara To End Suffering