Saturn Blesses Those That Wait

Saturn (Shani) is the most feared planet because, in its ancient representation, is seen as an old man and farmer. He moves slow and only makes decisions only for the longterm. In a modern understanding, which isn’t much different, he is the planet related to time, patience, hard work, and wisdom. Wherever Saturn is in… Continue reading Saturn Blesses Those That Wait


Discover Your Life Path Number

Numerology is a divination tool used to understand your life purpose, or path. The numbers of your date of birth vibrate and have particular meaning. While there are general meanings, a connection to spirit guides can gain information specific to you. Going within through meditation and connecting with your spirit family will provide deeper meaning.… Continue reading Discover Your Life Path Number


Saturn and New Moon in Capricorn for 23 January 2020

The new moon in sidereal Capricorn (9:10 PM EST) creates beginnings that are grounded, patient, and hardworking. As the feminine side of Saturn, we may feel a need to structure our lives around things that have long term affects. In the Sravana nakshatra, we will be guided to listen to our intuition about where, or… Continue reading Saturn and New Moon in Capricorn for 23 January 2020